Booklist Review
*Starred Review* Special Agent Faith Mitchell of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is running late. She was supposed to pick up her infant daughter from her mother Evelyn's house two hours ago and has been unable to reach her. She's uneasy because her mother, a longtime police officer now retired, always answers her phone. Then she arrives to find the front door wide open and a bloodstain on the knob. Before the hour is up, Faith has shot two men dead, the police are treating her like a suspect, and she has no idea where her mother is. Slaughter has always known how to pace the suspense in her stellar crime novels, but she really outdoes herself here, moving crisply from her tense opening scene into a wider investigation that revisits a decade-old case of police corruption in the unit once supervised by Evelyn. And Faith's partner, Will Trent, becomes more fascinating with each novel; here his love affair with pediatrician Sara Linton provides new insight into his horrific childhood in foster care. In what might be her best effort yet, Slaughter reveals the heart and soul of her characters within a highly choreographed, unrelentingly suspenseful plot. . HIGH-DEMAND BACKSTORY: In her twelfth novel, best-selling crime writer Karin Slaughter merges her Grant County and Atlanta series with stunning results, and her publisher is backing her up with an all-out publicity campaign.--Wilkinson, Joann. Copyright 2010 Booklist